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Material Planning Assignment Paper
ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONSTo complete this assignment you will work in groups of 4:1. Review the rubric for this assignment.2. Read the assignment textbook, and search the internet to answer the following questions:1. What is the purpose of materials management?2. What are the responsibilities of capacity management?3. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of the following ways of describing functional requirements. Give examples of when each is used.
a. By brandb. By specification of physical and chemical characteristics, material and method of manufacture, and performance
4. Why is stock location important in a warehouse? Name and describe four basic systems of stock location and give examples of each system from a retail setting.
5. A company normally ships to a customer by rail for $500 per load. The transit time is 14 days. The goods can be shipped by truck for $700 per load in a transit time of 4 days. If transit inventory cost is $35 per day, what does it cost to ship each way? Provide your calculations.3. Make sure you follow the formatting guidelines:Submissions should be in PDF, A4 size page.The file name should be Group #_Assignment 1.
The cover page should include the title of the assignment, students’ names, course name, submission date, and instructor name.
Font style should be Calibri, font size should be 12 pt.Line spacing should be double spaced.
Headings should be bold.
4. Make sure you use appropriate APA in-text citation and referencing to avoid plagiarism.
5. Proofread your entire report.
6. Submit your report to the submission folder on or before the deadline.
7. Make sure you check your Turnitin report for plagiarism detection and make corrections where needed. Latesubmissions will not be accepted.