Unit2.docx – Assignment:

Typologies and Classification of Terrorist Organizations
As you have learned in this unit, there are several typologies and classification systems of terrorism both in the United States and abroad. Typologies and classification systems are important when assessing the different types of terrorist organizations that exist, and the specific geographic areas in which they reside.
For this essay assignment, use the CSU Online Library or an outside source to find scholarly resources such as eBooks or journal articles written about a relevant and existing domestic or international terrorist organization.
Your essay should address the following:
· Explain the following typologies: state terrorism, state-sponsored terrorism, and state-enabled terrorism.
· Explain ideologies of left-wing and right-wing terrorism.
· Outline at least  one country and  one terrorist organization in that country that has been deemed a “state-sponsor” of terrorism by the United States.
· Why is this country considered a state-sponsor of terrorism?
· What sanctions has the United States implemented against the country outlined?
· Does this nation provide a safe haven for terrorists? If so, for what groups?
· Do you believe that the country outlined has a chance of being taken off the state sponsors of terrorism list? Why, or why not?
· Is this country considered a “failed-state”? Why, or why not? What characteristics of a failed state does this country have?  (Please be sure to thoroughly read page 194 in your textbook, which explains the five characteristics of failed states.)
· What role does the United States Department of State have in the determination of state-sponsored nations?
· How do the four waves of terrorism relate to the group in which you have chosen?
Your essay must be at least 750 words in length using size 12-point, Times New Roman font, and double-spaced. Use APA style guidelines to format in-text citations for all quoted and paraphrased material. Title and reference pages are required; an abstract is not required. Title and reference pages do not count towards the minimum length requirements.
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