TheoryFactSheet_Template_v1.docx – Assignment:

Insert Prename, Surname of all students
Winter Term 2022/23
Theory Factsheet: Insert name of theory

Level of analysis

Insert levels of analysis, e.g., organisation, individual, social

Dependent construct(s)

Please insert the dependent construct(s) of the theory

Independent construct(s)

Please insert the independent construct(s) of the theory

Short description of the theory

Please describe the theory in full sentences.

Cause-Effect Model

Please insert a visual diagram of the cause-effect relationships or factor model of the theory (if available).

Applications of the theory

Please describe for which purposes / in which fields the theory has been applied.

Which relevance does the theory have for digitalization in organizations?


Describe alternative views, potential critique, and open discussion on the theory.


Insert sources and references used in this factsheet in APA 7th style.
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