Report. (1000 words—about 4 pages+Works Cited page) One week after your panel, you
will submit (by uploading below) a research report on the topic you covered in the panel. The
report will provide factual information about an issue that exists in the real world, inspired by
one of the novels we read—informed by research you did before the panel and by the
discussion during the panel. It should outline 1) what is the issue or phenomenon in the real
world, and how does it relate to a problem depicted in the novel? 2) why does the issue exist,
since when, and how is it evolving? 3) what is at stake—who suffers or benefits from this
phenomenon? and 4) what can or should individuals do about it right now? In addition to
general description, you should include hard evidence in the form of statistics, case studies,
scientific research, laws, and reporting on the issue. Make sure that you use quotes
accurately and that you credit sources even when you’re not quoting directly. Your
submission must include a Works Cited page (in MLA format) that lists all the sources (three
or four, minimum) that you made direct use of in the paper. We will briefly address MLA
citation format in class, but you can also get thorough guidance here.
Your report, worth 20% of your total grade, will be evaluated on three main criteria: 1) Does
the work properly respond to the instructions by providing coherent, relevant information and
creating a useful commentary on the issue? 2) Does the work demonstrate that sufficient
effort went in to both the research and the writing? 3) Is the work written and presented in a
clear, well-organized, well-edited and professional way?

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