Project2.Psyc4305.pdf – Assignment:

PSYC 4305/530: Psychology in the Workplace
Project 2 (150 points): Organizational Re-Design and Culture Change
• Concepts: Research Methods, Training, Organizations and Organizational Change,
Attitudes and Behavior, Employee Motivation, and Leadership.
• Write this report using APA style. Be sure to address each component of the assignment
and include a rationale for the decisions made in each section.
• Please label your project by section and organize your paper using those sections.
• Submit your write-up as a single Word or PDF file through Canvas assignments.

Scenario: Acme-Bolt Organization is working to develop a more innovative and creative
organizational culture with the goal of bringing cutting edge products and technology to
customers. However, the organization faces several challenges to this goal which include a
hierarchical organizational structure, senior organizational leadership with the tendency to
reward “company” thinking (i.e, thinking that doesn’t challenge the status quo), and a corporate
culture that is tortoise-like – slow, steady, and bureaucratic. Employees have learned to avoid
risks and to guard against change. You will use the information provided below about Acme-
Bolt Corporation, along with your knowledge of Research Methods, Training, Organizations and
Organizational Change, Employee Attitudes & Behavior, Employee Motivation, and Leadership
to make recommendations to Acme-Bolt as outlined in Sections 1-6 of these instructions.
Material from lectures and the textbook particularly on organizational theory, organizational
culture, organizational change, employee motivation, leadership, and training should help to
guide your decision-making.

Acme-Bolt Organizational Chart

VP Finance
Finance Exec
Finance Manager
Account Manager
VP Marketing
Marketing Exec
Marketing Manager
Account Manager
Employee Employee Employee Employee
VP Production
Production Exec
Production Manager
Account Manager
VP Research
Research Exec
Research Manager
Researcher 1
Research 2
VP Human Resources
HR Exec
HR Informatics
HR Support
VP Sales
Sales Exec L1
Sales Exec L2
Account Manager
Employee Employee Employee Employee

INSTRUCTIONS: Your paper will consist of your responses to each section below. Most
sections can be answered in a paragraph or two. Be sure to provide a rationale for decisions that
you make. The rationale should be supported by the course content. Be sure that your
recommendations do not violate Title VII, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Age
Discrimination and Employment Act, or other legislation addressed in the course lectures. Please
organize your paper into the six sections below, using the title of each section as a subheading in
the paper.
As you work through each section of the project, please be sure to provide specific justifications
for the decisions that you make in each section. What guided your decision-making? What
principles, theories, or techniques did you adhere to? You must use course content (lecture or
textbook) to justify your decisions.
Section 1. Consider the Current Organizational Structure. Is the existing
organizational structure depicted in the organizational chart a structure that is likely to
promote innovation and creativity? Why or why not? Is there a different structure that
you would recommend to Acme-Bolt Corporation that may be more effective at
supporting employee creativity and corporate innovation? Provide a recommendation to
Acme-Bolt regarding organizational structure as well as the rationale behind that
Section 2. Determine how Acme-Bolt’s Culture Should Change to Support their
Goals of Creativity and Innovation. Describe an organizational culture that aligns with
the corporation’s major goals. Determine at least 4 core elements of the new culture (e.g.,
Be Bold; Collaborate) and provide a rationale as to why those elements align with Acme-
Bolt’s goals. Sketch a plan using at least two different organizational events (e.g., award
ceremonies, orientations, stories, activities) to introduce this new culture to employees.
Section 3. Develop a Plan for Organizational Change. Based on the culture described
in Section 2, consider the different leadership theories. Which leadership theories are
likely to be the most useful in bringing about organizational change? What can leaders at
Acme-Bolt do to support change? Be sure to include a clear rationale as to why specific
leadership theories and behaviors align with corporate goals. Be as specific as possible in
this section.
Section 4. Consider Employee Motivation. Determine what methods you will use to
motivate and reward employees to accept change. Describe at least four reasons why
employees resist change and sketch a plan to address that resistance by using motivation
theories (e.g., goal setting, reinforcement theory, expectancy theory).
Section 5. Develop a Plan to Assess Employee Attitudes and Behaviors. Discuss how
you plan to evaluate how employees are adjusting to the change. What types of attitudes
and behaviors will you measure? Will you focus on attitudes, such as organizational
commitment and job satisfaction, or on behaviors (e.g., organizational citizenship
behaviors, organizational delinquency) or some combination of attitudes and behaviors?
Be sure to consider the practicality of your measurement plan – are the variables that

you’ve selected ones that can be easily and inexpensively measured? Do they make sense
based on the corporation’s stated objectives?
Section 6. Propose a Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Culture Change. Consider
the different research designs that you learned at the beginning of the semester as well as
the different types of learning that was covered in the Training section. Choose a design
that would be effective and practical in the evaluation of change (i.e., the degree to which
change occurred, if change was effective)? What variables (e.g., employee attitudes and
behaviors, customer satisfaction, productivity, product quality, profit) would you focus
on in the assessment of that change? When would you measure those variables? Be sure
to describe strengths and weaknesses of the design that you selected.

Project 1: Grading Rubric (150 points) 0 = completely missing; 1 = incorrect or poorly conducted; 2 = barely adequate; 3 = adequate; 4 = good; 5 = very good; 6 = excellent
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 1. Organizational Structure – completeness of response
2. Organizational Structure – accuracy of response/rationale
3. Description of Culture – completeness of response
4. Description of Culture – accuracy of response/rationale
5. Four elements of culture to be used by Acme-Bolt
6. Mapping the four elements of culture onto corporate goals
7. Organizational Event 1 to reflect new culture
8. Organizational Event 2 to reflect new culture
9. Leadership Theories applied to culture change – accuracy of response
10. Leadership Theories applied to culture change – soundness of rationale
11. Motivation Theories applied to culture change – accuracy of response
12. Motivation Theories applied to culture change – soundness of rationale
13. Discussion regarding at least 4 reasons why employees resist change
14. Sketch of a plan to enhance the acceptance of change; addresses the 4 reasons for resistance to change addressed in #13 above

15. Employee attitudes and behaviors selected for measurement
16. Discussion of how and when data in #15 will be collected
17. Discussion of who will collect the data and over what time period
18. Type of experimental or quasi experimental design that will be used to collect data on the effectiveness of the culture change.

19. Rationale for the decisions made regarding the research design assessing change
20. Strengths of the research plan to assess the effectiveness of the culture change
21. Weaknesses of the research plan to assess the effectiveness of the culture change
22. Extent that recommendations align with relevant research and theory/are tied to lecture and textbook content

23. Write up is clear, concise, well organized
24. Write up follows grammar rules and conventions and adheres to APA style
25. The report is well organized and structured so that it reflects the 6 project sections
Total Points =

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