project.docx – Assignment:

Your task will be to examine University of St Thomas data in the attached file (Task-finalprojectdata.docx) and other sources you find about our students and create a narrative around the life cycle of a undergraduate student at the University of St Thomas.  Your audience is prospective families (parents and students) considering attending the University of St Thomas.
You will be responsible for the following
· Creating a storyboard
· Executive Report (no more than 3 pages)
· Powerpoint deck of the journey
In your analysis you must include information around admission rates, retention and graduation rates.  Everything else is up to you to determine how you want the story to fold together.
All visuals should be prepared in Tableau.
***Note in this assignment you will need to scrape your own data out of various sources.  In some instances you will need to manually enter the data in from pdf (see Task-finalprojectdata.docx attached) to create the presentation.
Last component: I will not accept analysis around sports teams and youth sports.  Historically, these problems are not business focused and end up providing very poor presentations and results.
Information online presentation 
For this presentation you will be expected to utilize the Kawasaki presentation rules (10-20-30).  Except for this class we are changing the presentation rules slightly to be a modified 5-5-30.
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