Outline.docx – Assignment:

· Corporate Globalization Assessment – You will pick a corporation which MUST be pre-approved by the Professor. You will analyze the company for its international readiness and / or improvement opportunities. Your assessment will come from models, tools and strategies learned in the class. Further details will be provided on the last day of class.
· Plz follow the outline to finish this paper
Company: Din Tai Fung
Topic: Opened a Din Tai Fung branch in Canada.
(Din Tai Fung in Toronto is fake Din Tai Fung)
Canada doesn’t have Din Tai Fung now)

1. Execute Summary

2. PESTLE Analysis module 1, p22-37

3. Culture & Hofstede’s Six Perspectives p38-51

4. Global Competitiveness,v3, p5-19
Resources and Capabilities
Value Chain
Implications & implementation

· Resources vs Capabilities
· What are the resources Coe’s may use? • What are their capabilities? • How can they best exploit both?
· Value Chain
· Sketch out the international value chain for Coe’s. Summarize where the “cash” resides. What can we learn?
· Do a VRIO table and summary note for Coe’s. What can we learn from there VRIO positioning?
· Porter’s Competitive Analysis • Look at Coe’s through a Porter Competitive Strategy lens? Explain.
· Corporate/Organisation Structure
Which organisation structure do you think works best for Coe’s as they expand? Why ?

Becoming International – Strategic Assessment and Options
Entry Modes

International Management Topics – Competition and Collusion
Making Alliances Work
Strategy in the International Context
Global growth strategy

5. Strategy and Structure Considerations

International Division
Separate focus for emerging international activities
Global Product or Service Structure
Supports global segments with limited differentiation locally Kotter view of the world
Geographic or Regional Structure
Multi-local structure views every region as different
Global Matrix – “best of all worlds”
Matrix structures with attendant complexity

6. International Functional Considerations
Specific effort will be given to:
1. Marketing – 4ps,
2. Operations and Technical
3. Capital Decisions and Financing;
4. Human Resources; and
5. Investor Relations, Governance/Board and Sustainability


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