MoorePUAUnit3Blog.docx – Assignment:

In Chapter 7 of the textbook, Kinicki (2021) explores the importance of positive organizational behavior. Using what you learned from Chapter 7 and from at least one additional scholarly source, write a blog post on how to effectively promote positivity in public organizations and how this can be used to motivate and enhance performance. Address the elements listed below in your blog.
· Discuss the benefits of positive organizational behavior and climates.
· Recommend three ways to build positivity in an organization.
· Connect positivity with motivating performance.
There are two essentials to good blogging. First, remember that a blog should be conversational and be an extension of your own thoughts and opinions—not merely a list of facts. (Although, of course, you should use evidence from outside sources to support your thoughts.) Your post should have a topic, have a purpose of presenting your point of view, and indicate an openness to dialogue by inviting comments. Since this class is your audience, you can assume a basic understanding of administration topics and concepts. Be creative, while still meeting the blog’s content requirements listed above. 
Second, responding to those who comment will foster dialogue. After your initial blog post, you must provide at least one comment to another student’s blog. You should be sure to respond to everyone who comments on your blog. It is best to post your initial entry early so that you have time to respond and can receive full credit.
This assignment utilizes the Discussion Board feature within Blackboard, which will allow you to include text, images, links, multimedia, mash-ups, and attachments to your blog entry.
Your blog post should be a minimum of 500 words in length; you must also comment on at least one other student’s post, and your comment should be a minimum of 100 words in length. Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment.

Note: I will upload a student blog when one is post.
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