Instructions.docx – Assignment:

Unit III PowerPoint Presentation
· Weight: 13% of course grade
For this assignment, you will develop a PowerPoint presentation that could also be used for your local department as a self-directed continuing education opportunity. As you prepare to construct your presentation for this assignment, you should consider the concepts of fire investigation including causes, behavior, and patterns.
As a fire investigator, you have been asked to prepare and present a presentation for a group of firefighters from your local community.
Your presentation should outline the following aspects:
· the origin of the fires,
· fire dynamics and how that affects fire behavior,
· the various fire effects that can be found after a fire, and
· an explanation of fire patterns that can be seen after the fire is extinguished.
To successfully complete this assignment, you should include the following.
1. Prepare a slide presentation consisting of 12 slides (three per bulleted item above).
2. Your presentation should also include a title slide and a references slide using a minimum of two resources (excluding the textbook). The total presentation should be 14 slides.
3. Finally, you will complete a voice-over of the presentation so that the audience, firefighters, can play the presentation and listen to the lecture without the need to look for answers.
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