Disability IV CHCLEG003 Manage legal and ethical compliance

Performance Evidence Task 2 Develop policy and procedure
Determined the scope of legal and ethical compliance requirements and responsibilities and developed policies and procedures for at least one workplace or business.
Read the scenario provided below.
Identify the legal and ethical requirements you must consider and address prior to developing a relevant policy and procedure.
Develop a policy and procedure to address the scenario requirements.
Use the Policy and Procedure Template provided.
Scenario 3
As the   facility manager of a residential disability care centre, you are responsible   for developing, reviewing and distributing policies and procedures relating   to service delivery. You were asked by a Board Member, to develop a social   media and on-line behaviour policy procedure as there has been an increase in   incidents of staff posting photos and stories on various social media   platforms, about their involvement in the organisations work activities   involving clients. 
You   arranged a meeting with the other managers to ensure every area of the   organisation has the opportunity to contribute to the development of the new   policy and express any concerns they have about its effects on internal work   practices. You sent an email to employee from the IT department to let them   know a new social media and online policy and procedures will need to be   uploaded to the Intranet in one weeks’ time. 
Identify the legal   and ethical compliance requirements and responsibilities you must consider   and address prior to developing a relevant policy and procedure.

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