dialogue – Assignment:

. The Book of Job (Bible) on the one hand, and Camus and Sartre on the other, reflect a stark contrast in attitude towards God and organized religion. Having said that, how might the two contrasting attitudes be reflected in their respective approaches to the following areas:
A. Meaning/Meaninglessness of LifeB. Moral ResponsibilityC. Human Freedom
2. How would you connect human freedom and moral decision making?  If religious or non-religious views influence decision making, what would you say would be the relationship between theses religious or non-religious views on human freedom?
3. Defend your understanding of the meaning of life as the right one using any of theories discussed in this course. Your answer should also include examples from real life experience.
4. Evaluate another classmates post defense of the right life to live by explaining whether or not you agree or disagree with their position and why.  
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