Deliverable 3 – Assignment:

Deliverable 3 – Exercises  – Submit one spreadsheet with Tab names as shown in ( ) and bold. In ALL cases, make up your own data; and DO NOT use the data provided in the exercise. Also, leave all formulas.
Complete the entire section ofWorkbook Title: Excel Quick Tips_FirstNameLastName 
Work with stock and geography data (Stock & Geo)Fill in contents with Flash Fill (Flash Fill)Extract part of a cell’s contents (Extract)Find name ranges (Name)Transpose data from vertical to horizontal (Transpose)Conditional formatting by cell contents (Conditional)Collaborate on an Excel file with others (Co-authoring) Save to one-drive and share with . Please create similar (not same) charts as on the sheet.Add and reference worksheets (TOC)  – Note – this is your Table of Contents. Title and Reference. You  should have 2 columns (Name) and Reference. You should have a Title Row  and 7 additional rows as follows in the Name Column:
Work with stock and geography data Fill in contents with Flash Fill Extract part of a cell’s contents Find name rangesTranspose data from vertical to horizontalConditional formatting by cell contents Collaborate on an Excel file with others 
In summary for Deliverable 3, one workbook, with 8 sheets: Stock & Geo, Flash Fill, Extract, Name, Transpose, Conditional, Co-authoring, TOC
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