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Benchmark: Career Development Program Proposal Assignment
The National Career Development Association (2011) encourages counselors to possess the knowledge and skills needed to develop, plan, implement, and manage comprehensive career development programs in a variety of settings. To develop this competency, students will design a career development program appropriate to the type of setting they may find themselves employed as counselors. For this assignment students will create a voice-over PowerPoint presentation in which they present their program proposal to a relevant stakeholder, such as school, agency, or nonprofit Board of Directors.

· Students will create and record a PowerPoint Presentation addressing each of the Career Development Program components listed below.
· To meet the video requirements, students can either video themselves doing the presentation (with the PPT in the background) or voice record their presentation to PowerPoint. Audio-only files or PowerPoint files without audio/video will not be accepted.
· Students will include lecture notes in each slide. The lecture notes should be a narrative of your presentation.
· Citations and references are used where appropriate and are in current APA format. Citations may appear within the slide or the notes section. A references slide should be included at the end of the presentation with a minimum of 5 scholarly sources, 2 of which are peer-reviewed.
· Review and address all rubric components sufficiently.
· There is no specific number of slides required but your presentation should not exceed 30 slides.
· Please seek assistance from the university technology department/writing center or use an online tutorial if you do not know how to create an audio/video recording or add presentation notes to your PowerPoint slides.

For this assignment you may use a real or imagined setting. You will be speaking directly to stakeholders as though you have already done the background work to create the program and are now seeking approval for implementation. The following sections should be included in your Career Development Program Proposal PowerPoint: 

· Introduction. Provide a description of the setting and brief summary of your program. Include a description and characteristics of the population at your setting. Your program should be located at a site, whether real or imaginary. You should specifically describe the characteristics of the site and the population you will be serving.

· Rationale for this program. Identify the strategy used for determining the specific career development needs of a target population at your setting. Describe the needs assessment methods you have employed and how this data has been or will be used. Be specific and include as much information as possible to identify specifically who you want to benefit from this program (e.g., “10th graders” or “African American men” is not specific enough – which 10th graders? All African American men in the country, state, county, city, zip code?). Upon identifying your target population provide stakeholders with a rationale for your career development program. Your rationale should be based on career development theory and incorporate at least two peer-reviewed articles to support the need for this program. 

· Program standards and learning objectives. Based on the needs of the population at your identified site you will identify appropriate standards and learning objectives that will be met through your program. Please identify the standards your program will address according to the following guidelines.
· Clinical Mental Health Counseling Students: Standards will come from the NCDA National Career Development Guidelines (NCDG) framework indicators (found in Appendix E of Niles & Harris-Bowlsbey, 2021), incorporating 6 standards into the objectives.
· School Counseling Students: Standards will come from both the ASCA Mindset and Behavior (M&B) standards and the NCDG Standards. Students should select 3 standards from each source.
Based on the 6 standards you have identified as important for your program, you will then name three clear, measurable learning objectives for your program. Your learning objectives will state what people going through your program will be able to do at the end of it, and a target timeframe (e.g., “By the end of the first year, students will be able to. . .” or “At the end of three sessions, participants will be able to. . .”). The objectives should flow logically from the identified needs and standards.
· Career development interventions. Based on your needs assessment, describe how you intend to address the population’s needs through career development interventions. Here you will design four career development interventions for your target population. Your interventions should be determined by your written objectives. Use sufficient detail so that other counselors can perform them. Among your four interventions, please include at least one group experience. These interventions should not be copied directly from the Internet, your text, or other sources. Instead, they should represent a synthesis or integration of career development theory and evidence-based practices for your chosen population. Be sure to properly cite any sources according to APA format used in the development of your interventions. The summary of your interventions should include a description of the theoretical orientation of your interventions and incorporate evidence-based practices to address the needs of your population. Interventions must reflect appropriate levels of cultural sensitivity.

· Delivery. Provide a description of how you will deliver your program. Your description should include the delivery method(s) for implementing your career development interventions and include a description of who you will consult and collaborate with in order to implement your program. Overall, this slide should detail your proposed plan for implementation.
· Program marketing. Describe your plan for promoting and explaining your services to stakeholders within your organization. Describe how you will create interest for your program. Get creative! Provide a description of the strategy and include one example of your marketing materials (e.g. flyer, brochure, announcement, social media content, etc.). You may provide a link to marketing materials within your slide or attach with your assignment upload. 

· Resources Needed and Potential Costs of the Program. Describe the resources needed to implement your program and estimate the costs of the program. Be creative and realistic in outlining your needs and costs. Think about all the resources needed and ways you might spend money on this program and then provide an estimate of much the program may cost stakeholders, clients, and you. Your cost estimates might include items such as equipment and materials needed, printing costs, facility costs, additional staffing, or even costs for refreshments for participants.

· Evaluation of your Program. Provide a description of the program evaluation plan. Identify at least 2 methods of evaluation to determine if the intended outcomes are achieved. You will need to identify what variables you will measure (i.e. learning objectives or outcomes). These variables need to flow logically from the target population, the issue being addressed, the program objectives, and the intended outcomes. Describe your plan for how and when the variables will be measured and how the data generated will be used to evaluate the outcomes (measureable objectives). Your 2 methods of evaluation may include any combination of Questionnaire/Interview, Formal Instrument, and/or Follow-up Study. You may provide the link to any questionnaires/instruments used for evaluation within your slides or attach with your assignment upload. Wrap up your evaluation plan by sharing how you intend to use the results of your evaluation.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.
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