Assignmentrequirement.docx – Assignment:

Given a Movies Dataset, you will conceptualize a database solution using three or more tables. Based on the data analysis, you will then create a conceptual model using Microsoft® Visio®, which can be obtained at no cost from the   site.
1. Download and use the   for your analysis.
2. Identify the entities for the conceptual data model, and then determine which entities are related.
3. In a Word document, write a list of the entities, and explain your choices. In this same document, describe the relationships that exist between these entities, and using a few sentences, explain why they are related.
4. In Visio (or within the same Word document), create a conceptual database model that shows the entities and their relationship.
5. If you created the conceptual model in Visio, embed the Visio diagram in the Word document so that you have a single document for submission.
What sources did you refer to while working on this Assignment? Cite these sources within the body of the paper and annotate those as your references at the end of the paper.
Assignment Requirements
Generate the conceptual design diagram using the Microsoft Visio application.
Compose your Assignment in a Word document and be sure to identify yourself, your class, and unit Assignment at the top of your paper. Copy the design diagram(s) into your Word document. Be sure to use appropriate APA format and cite your textbook or other sources that you used in the assignment. For more information on APA style formatting, go to Academic Writer under the Academic Tools area of this course.
Also review the university policy on plagiarism. If you have any questions, please contact your professor.
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