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JULY 21, 2020
Good customer service skills are not inherent for every employee, even though customer service is often what can make a company a success or failure. An online, easy to access tutorial that provides insights into how small business employees can practice good customer service when responding to phone calls from customers is an ideal method for business owners to be confident in their employee’s success. This proposal will detail the content and value of this typeof tutorial, which will be created by Lavinia Robinson, a small business owner.
The Problem. Customer service situations can range from interacting with a new client in- person, responding to questions via email from existing clients, or answering phone calls from clients during regular business hours. While it is ideal for employees to actively listen to clients and respond thoughtfully and professionally, that is not always the case, especially with employees who have not been specifically trained in customer service methods. Small businesses often cannot afford to hire employees just for customer service situations, but instead rely on every employee to step in as needed.
Audience. A small, event planning business is likely to face this type of scenario, where an employee responsible for organizing flower arrangements at events may answer a phone call from an anxious or even angry client. Without training, the employee might make the situation worse with inappropriate responses or the knowledge of how to diffuse the situation. The audience for this tutorial will be small business employees who do not have a formal education in business, especially customer service. The audience may also have the following qualities:
· Short-tempered or easily frustrated
· Avoids confrontation by just agreeing with everyone, even when that is not the appropriate response
· Relies on a conversational tone (e.g., uses slang) when speaking to clients; and/or
· Does not recognize how his or her temperament will impact the client.
Furthermore, the audience is likely to be resistant to the tutorial’s training, but recognizes that the business’s success hinges on good customer service.
Content. The tutorial will describe the process of effectively mitigating a customer service situation involving an angry customer who has called the business. Not only will the steps in the process be described, insights about why it is important to actively listen to the client and take notes during the call will be provided. Moreover, a list of signs that the phone call is not going well will be provided in order to show how a phone call can start out good but then digress.
Benefits. The tutorial will empower the audience to challenge him/herself to make every client call a success. The business owner can be confident that his or her employees will effectively interact with clients on the phone. The benefit of the tutorial being accessible online is that employers can have employees watch the tutorial as a group at work, or watch the tutorial individually, as needed.
Lavinia is the owner and CEO of Events-r-Us, which is a small business that caters to the event planning needs of the Cleveland, Ohio community. She has owned the business for three years, but has worked for other event planning companies of various sizes for over 12 years. Her 15 years of experience in the event planning industry has allowed her to learn from a variety of customer service situations. Lavinia also has an MBA from Ace University, where she excelled in coursework related to interpersonal interactions and appropriate verbal communication methods.
Small businesses cannot afford to allow clients to take their business elsewhere. So, employee training to help improve potentially stressful interactions with clients is one way to not just maintain current business, but ultimately increase business as word spreads as to the businesses excellent customer service abilities. The proposed tutorial is a logical means for small businesses to take control of their out of control customer service.
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