This is not just some ordinary father, this is a well-respected person in the community who just lost his mind for a moment. And you talk to him the next day; he can’t even believe that that
was him. But this is something that happens, that people just lose it, literally lose it. —Claude Grubair, Athletic Director, Ransom Everglades School, Miami, FL (as cited in Mullane,
Recent years have been marked by a rise of almost epic proportion in the number of incidents at youth sports events involving assaults and violence, including a now-famous case of two fathers of 12-year-old boys who got into a physical fight at a hockey practice that resulted in the death of one and a prison sentence for the other (Osnos, 2002). While this may seem like an extreme example, the term “sports rage” has become accepted in the arena of youth sports. Officials, parents, and coaches have been tied to verbal abuse, physical confrontations, assault and battery, and violence. This bad behavior is antithetical to the purposes of youth sport related to character development. Research has shown that children play sports at the youth level primarily to have fun, but with the increased pressure that parents and coaches are placing on these participants, the “winning at all costs” mentality has taken over, to the point where “sports rage” is a reality. What do you think makes parents so angry that they would engage in a physical fight in front of their children? What drives this rage? > Use the Weekly Learning Materials for your assignment. Instructions Research and view a video on youth sports rage, such as the Violence and Bad Parenting in Youth Sports piece in your Learning Materials. Submit by Sunday, 11:59 p.m. ET, a 4-page paper that includes the following:
• Considering both the media you viewed and the situation you described, incorporate factors you believe contributed to the rage (e.g., fear, ego, greed). Which of these or combination of these factors do you think were responsible, and why?
• Of these factors, which were the most relevant factors influencing the rage incident, and why?
• What were some of the ethical issues, and how you would rectify these issues? • What relevant ethical theories you explored in Week 1 apply to this situation? • Have you experienced any of the issues raised in this video? What happened? Discuss
the consequences. If not, consider an example from the media. Given the issues, how would you handle this if you were a coach or parent? What are some alternate ways this situation could have been handled so as to avoid these consequences?

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