ANALYZEACOUNSELINGSCENARIOcourse5390.docx – Assignment:

In this assignment, you will use the scenario below involving a counseling client, therapist, and case manager. You are in the role of the administrator of the counseling practice. Use what you have learned so far about empathic communication, active listening, understanding differing perceptions, personal identity, and cultural identity to analyze the interactions and your own reactions. Create recommendations to help improve communication between all participants.
You are the administrator of a counseling practice. Branden, an African American male, is a client who was recently diagnosed as having Bipolar I. Branden came to the counseling practice today because he was experiencing a manic episode and needed support. His agitation increased when, upon arriving to the counseling practice, he learned that his regular therapist had to leave suddenly due to a personal emergency. For this visit, Branden was assigned to a male Caucasian therapist, Steve, who Branden perceived as being very opinionated and having a passive-aggressive approach. During the session, as Branden explained his challenges, he felt that Steve was dismissive and appeared to be uninterested in what Branden had to say. He thought that Steve focused more on his personal opinion of Branden rather than listening to Branden’s perspective. Immediately following the session, Branden talked to the case manager, Jill, who is also African American. Branden said that, as an African American man, he didn’t feel like Steve was sensitive to his needs. Branden said, “My session was horrible! It seemed to me that Steve wanted to only hear himself and was not very interested in my actual challenges!”
Jill thanked Branden for reporting his experience, apologized, and assured him this would not happen again. Jill, who communicates with a very direct approach, addressed Branden’s concerns with Steve. Steve felt attacked and became defensive. You overhear Steve say, “I was only trying to tell Branden that he should stop focusing on stuff that doesn’t matter and get on with life!” Jill, the case manager, quickly retorted with “You see, that is a major problem! It’s not about you; it’s about Branden and what he is experiencing from his perspective only!” Before this continued to escalate, you shut down the communication between them and ask them to please meet you in the conference room to resolve this matter. In your opinion, the main goal should always be to meet the needs of the client which ultimately did not happen in this case.
To complete this assignment, write a 2–3 page paper addressing the following:
· Analyze aspects of the communication in the scenario that were influenced by the personal identities of the people involved.
. Consider individual, group, and cultural identities.
. Explain how you think these identities were displayed in their communication.
· Analyze your perspective on this situation based on your personal identity.
. How did you react as the administrator?
. How would you have reacted if you had been the therapist or the case manager?
. As you respond to these questions, consider your attachment style and self-concept and how they influence your reactions.
. Reflect on how the identity of your culture or society may have influenced your self-concept and communication style.
· Recommend strategies the case manager and the therapist could use to improve communication.
. Align your recommendations with what you perceive as each of their personal identities and preferred communication styles.
. How could they make their communication more empathic?
. How could they employ active listening?
. How could they work more successfully with people who have different perceptions?
. How could they better understand other’s personal, group, and cultural identities?
. Support your recommendations using your textbook and other scholarly literature.
· Describe how you might change your communication strategies if you were in a similar situation.
. Consider the strategies for yourself in each of the roles: administrator, case manager, and therapist.
. Incorporate what you have learned about identity, culture, and communication styles.
. If you do not think you’d change your communication strategies, explain why or why not.
· Format your paper, including resources and citations, according to current APA style and formatting.
· Adhere to the rules of grammar, usage, and mechanics.
Submission Requirements
· Written communication: Written communication should be free of errors that detract from the overall message.
· Length: 2–3 pages, plus a cover page and references page. An abstract is not required.
· APA formatting: Assignment should be formatted according to current APA style and formatting.
· Number of resources: Include at least 2 recent, peer-reviewed journal articles from the past 5–7 years.
· Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12-point font or other APA-compliant font.
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