Amontilladoquestions.docx – Assignment:

MDC West Campus
ENC1102 English Composition 2


1. Who are the main characters in the story?
2. What social class do they belong to?
3. What is the main conflict in the story?
4. What was Fortunato’s weak point?
5. What is the setting of the story? ( Place and time)
6. What was Fortunato wearing? Why does this contribute to the irony in the story?
7. How does Montresor lure Fortunato to come to his palazzo?
8. Who is Luchesi? Why is he mentioned in the story?
9. Why is the conversation about the masons on page 7 relevant?
10. What is the climax of the story?
11. How long has Fortunato being buried at the moment of Montresor’s confession?
12. Who do you think Montresor is telling the story to?
13. Is this a horror story? Explain.
14. What is the theme (main idea) of the story?
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