13-2023.docx – Assignment:

Class work
1. Choose one of the software developments models or methodologies. Using a credible source on the Internet, find an article which describes the model. 
Explain in your own words the essential characteristics of the model, when you would employ the model, how it is different from other models and what assurance challenges you would face if you were to use the model for software development,

2. The Software Engineering Institute, SEI is located at Carnegie Mellon University and is the brain trust for CMMI, “Capability Maturity Model Integration”. It is a process improvement methodology which has grown in popularity and usage. So far CMMI has been most widely applied in software and systems engineering organizations.
Below are a couple of URL’s which point to relevant web sites which describe and discuss CMMI.
C MMI Institute Overview.:  .
 (Very extensive web site exclusively dedicated to CMMI FAQs) 
I am also attaching here two documents, one an overview of CMMI and the other a detailed document of CMMI for development.
The aim of this session’s conference discussion topic is to familiarize you with CMMI and enable you to see where the CMMI process improvement could be used  to supplement the software development methodologies discussed in the last session.
1.  Choose a development model, preferably one you have used or using. What are the Process Areas (discuss at least two PAs) that you are missing in your development model? Why do you think they are needed
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