WritingAssignment1wntr.docx – Assignment:

Writing Assignment #1
Three PART assignment:
PART 1: 
1. Briefly describe operations management and supply chain.
2. Describe the three major functional areas of business organizations and how they interrelate.
Section should be approximately 2 – 3 pages in length.
PART 2: 
1. List the key ways that organizations compete.  
2. Apply the key ways discussed to your organization if possible.  If not possible, pick an organization and apply the key ways accordingly.
Section should be approximately 2 pages in length.
1. Discuss the purpose of value analysis.
2. Examine your personal and/or professional life and describe an example of where value analysis could be applied.
(Up to one page in length)
*Ensure you follow   writing standards. (Make sure to include a cover page.  A running head and abstract are NOT required.)
** A total of three references are required to include your textbook.
Please name your file: last name_first name_MGT5203.E1_#1
Example: Reagan_Matthew_MGT5203.E1_#1
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