power point – Assignment:

For this last assignment you will consider your dream job as a PMHNP based on what you have learned about the role. 
What Specific Age Group or Population you would like to treat. Choose one age group or population that is of the most interest to you to treat as a PMHNP in practice. Discuss common issues and treatment involved with this particular age group or population. Then consider any specific triggers that you have and how ethical issues may arise if your triggers are not resolved? Would you be biased toward that population or someone that is associated with your triggers? What can you do to resolve these issues?
Include the following:

Title slide
Introduction to Specific Age Group or Population
Prevalence of Mental Illness in the Specific Age Group or Population
What treatment considerations are unique for the Specific Age Group or Population
Psychotherapy Treatment that meets the needs of this Specific Age Group or Population
Personal Triggers
Ethical Issues to Treat a population associated with your triggers
Reflection on how you can overcome or resolve these triggers

Include scholarly resources to support your ideas.
Student work demonstrates an attempt to appraise ethical/legal standards for the PMHNP role with relation to technology, safety, quality indicators, outcome improvement, and collaborative relationships in the delivery of mental health care to clients across the lifespan. The content was thorough, relevant to the topic, and illustrated critical analysis.
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