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Online Taxis Unethical Practices
Ride-sharing companies, mainly Uber and Bolt have been using variety of  unethical promotion tactics that can potentially disadvantage drivers. It is unethical for companies to offer huge discounts at the expense of the drivers. Also, the ride-sharing companies do adjust prices to suit the increasing price of fuel and cars for fear of losing customers. Some examples of ride-sharing company engaging in unethical promotion techniques include:

Offering steep discounts to customers in order to attract more riders, which can decrease the overall earnings of drivers.
Launching “surge pricing” during peak hours, which increases the fare for riders but does not necessarily result in higher earnings for drivers.
Prioritizing the pick-up of higher-paying riders over those requesting lower-priced rides, which can leave drivers waiting for a fare during slow periods.

It’s important for ride-sharing companies to consider the potential impact of their promotions on drivers and to ensure that they are treating their drivers fairly and ethically.