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LMNO Promotion and Distribution
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Traditional vs. Digital Promotion and Distribution
LMNO Inc., established in 1990, is a paper distributor located in the Northeastern U.S. Some of the products in their paper line include copier paper, stationery, and envelopes. LMNO’s clients include small to medium-sized businesses, large corporations, and government organizations. Their average client spends anywhere from $1,000 to $20,000 per year on paper supplies. To date, they have 1,500 active clients. In 2022, LMNO decided to add a new product line consisting of high-quality laser printers. Printing toner will also be a continuous revenue stream for the laser printers. Recently, LMNO signed an exclusive agreement with a small startup company in Kentucky specializing in laser printers and toners. These printers will be branded under the KLMN name. The competitive advantage of these printers is that they are faster, smaller, and quieter than other printers. These printers print approximately 30 pages per minute. In addition, they provide two-dimensional printing and auto-duplexing that allows you to print on both sides of a sheet. They are user and environmentally friendly, and customers will not have to replace toner as often as other models on the market. The printers will initially be shipped from Kentucky. Their rationale is that they can capitalize on this new product line because they have strong relationships with their clients. In addition, they will add a new revenue stream to their business model.
Half of the LMNO marketing team suggests using a more traditional approach to promotion and distribution, like advertising in business magazines, personal selling, and using wholesalers and retailers for distribution. The other half suggests going all digital by proposing an all-digital promotion strategy and selling directly from the website. Their budget is around $100,000.
Respond to the following:

Based on this scenario, what promotional and distribution recommendations would you suggest as the marketing manager?

Journal 9
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Instructions: Enter your posting by accessing the assignments tab. Select the unit journal Dropbox and scroll down and you will see a textbox for your posting. The Personal Selling Process
Chapter 14 discusses the six stages of the personal selling process: prospecting, pre-approach, presentation, persuasion, closing, and servicing.
Respond to the following:

Apply the six steps of the personal selling process to a job you might be interested in pursuing in the future. Provide specific examples for each step in the personal selling process.

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Professional Presentation
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Create a synopsis of your Unit 10 presentation in two separate slides with audio narration. Then upload it to the Unit 10 Discussion Board to share it with your classmates. It should sound and look professional. You will be graded on your professional manner, appropriate communication, decision-making, and negotiation skills (see Unit 10 Reading area for negotiation steps).
Decide on the best presentation in your estimation, explain why, and share your opinion with your classmates.
Then negotiate with each other to determine the class’s best overall presentation (see the negotiating steps in the unit reading area). Remember to comment on the presentation and not the individual.