Geographie reviewing – Assignment:

 Please submit in either Word or PDF format. No other format is acceptable. 
 Put your name and Geog100-(your section number) in one line at the top of your exercise.
 Mention the videos you are reviewing against your review.
 Entire assignment has a maximum page limit of 2 pages and minimum of 1 and pages.
 Assignment should be written in 11-point font (Times New Roman or Arial font), double-spaced, one inch margin on both sides.
 This review must be in your own words and does not need reference citations as long as you refer to the videos you have watched. You do not need to use or cite any other sources. 
 Be aware that watching the videos will take more than 30 minutes, so plan accordingly. You wont be able to complete the assignment if you start it too close to the D2L closing time. 
What to do?: Watch and review all the videos as suggested below:
Map Projection Video Review
 Watch the tutorial video on Map Projection (19:26):
 Write a few lines on three important concepts you learned from this video.
 Explain a few lines of your own to explain why and how map distortions occur.
Geography and GIS Video Reviews
A. Watch the following 3 videos:
1. Journeys into Geography (What do Geographers do?) (12:20)
2. What is GIS? (2:49) 

3. Exploring Careers: GIS and GPS (Geospatial Technologies!) (6: 45)  
 Write a review summarizing what you learned from the videos you are reviewing under A.
B.  Pick any one from Videos 1, 2, 3 or 4 based on your interest on the topic.
1. ESRI Case Study: Walgreens (GIS Application in Healthcare Monitoring) (4: 44)
2. The Nature Conservancy: At the Waters Edge (3: 29)

3. SoCal Gas Facing Natural Disaster with Technology (GIS Application in Natural Disaster Management) (5:41)
4. COVID-19 Response: Location Allocation (5:08)
 Write a review summarizing how Geospatial technology can be applied to real world problems under B.
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