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Week 3 Assignment
For the Week 3 Marketing Plan Assignment, you will be responsible for writing up the SWOT analysis for
your product or service. You will also be responsible for creating five strengths, five weaknesses, five
opportunities, and five threats for your product or service. Refer to Chapter 2 and Appendix 1 (which
includes a sample marketing plan with the SWOT analysis).
Writing an analysis is more than a list. There needs to be an explanation of your choices. The SWOT
should be the most researched portion of the paper. Support every choices

NOTE: My choice of Product and services

Company: Petco Product/Service: Petco Rewards Program Description: Petco will launch a
new rewards program for customers that will reward them for their loyalty. Customers will
be able to sign up for the program online or in-store and will receive benefits such as
exclusive discounts, free shipping, and early access to new products. Customers will also be
able to accumulate points with every purchase they make which can be redeemed for future
purchases (HASSAN,2021). Reason for Selection: This product/service will help Petco retain
customers and increase customer loyalty. Additionally, it will help them stand out from
competitors who do not offer a rewards program. By offering customers exclusive discounts
and rewards, Petco will be able to increase their revenue and remain competitive in the pet
supply market

Previous Paper

When it comes to high-quality products and services for pets, PETCO is your go-to
specialty retailer. As of January 31, 2004, our company ran 654 outlets in 43
states and the 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 District of Columbia. Our goal is to provide the best
customer service possible in a variety of handy locations while also providing a
wide selection of high-quality products for customers’ pets at reasonable costs

(Dua, 2018). Our stores have the low prices and large range of a pet supply
warehouse, but are also close to home and staffed with experts who can answer
any questions you may have. According to us, this integration sets us apart from
the competition and gives us an edge in the retail industry (Dua, 2018). Our
primary store concept consists of a 12,000-15,000 square foot building situated
near grocery stores, bookstores, coffee shops, dry cleaners, and video rental
outlets, all of which are frequented by the “pet parent” demographic (Dua, 2018).
Since there are more pets and their owners are more ready to spend money on
them, we think our stores are in a good spot to capitalize on these positive long-
term demographic trends (Dua, 2018). Every single one of our stores that has
been opened since the middle of 2001 has followed our new millennium format,
which features a more eye-catching display of our pet products and places more
of an emphasis on our more profitable supply categories. There’s a lot of rivalry in
the market for pet supplies, services, and food. There are primarily three types of
competitors in this industry: traditional pet stores and independent service
providers; specialty pet store chains; and supermarkets, warehouse clubs, and
mass merchants (Dua, 2018). Product variety and quality, store proximity and
accessibility, customer service, and low pricing are what we see as our main
competitive advantages (Dua, 2018). Our plan is to limit the number of products
that are identical to those sold by grocery stores, warehouse clubs, and discount
retailers by specializing in unique items and high-end pet food. We feel confident
in our ability to compete across multiple regions (Dua, 2018). Some of our rivals,
however, generate far more revenue than we do, and they also have more
financial and managerial resources at their disposal. 2.1 2.2 2.3 References Dua, T.
(2018). The 27 most innovative CMOs in the world in 2021.
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