data mining – Assignment:

i want a report same as the one attached 
the subject is: the impact of e-learning on performance of university students
data mining using weka
provide me the dataset you will use 

Report Outline
1. Format of the Report: 4 pages; 2 columns; font: Times New Roman, Size 10; Single spacing.
2. Provide a good title that reflects your work.
3. Start with an Abstract that summarizes your work
4. Introduction ( page 1 page): Background, problem description, data collection (if any), etc.
5. Similar Work ( page 1 page): a short survey showing some similar works that have been conducted in the same proposed field of yours.
6. Your work (1-2 pages): all the development stages you have gone through.
7. Results ( page): Summarize your findings, observations, 
8. Use proper citation and a list of references at the end of the report.
9. Support your report with diagrams/figures/tables whenever necessary.
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