CopyofCopyofEssayOutline.pdf – Assignment:

Essay OutlineIntroductory paragraph-
Thesis Statement: Immigrating to the US launches the defect of Grande’s family of origin, which in her
life serves as the turning point in her coming of age.
Body Paragraphs-
Topic Sentence 1: The separation forced Reyna to face an environment that she’s completely unfamiliar
· Evidence/Support:
· Evidence/Support: “There were no tears in her eyes and as we walked back to grandma’s house, I
wondered if, when mami asked Mago to be our little mother it had also meant she was not allowed to cry”
(Grande 13).
· Evidence/Support:
Transition from 1 to 2:
Topic Sentence 2:
· Evidence/Support:
· Evidence/Support: “A baby girl, Mago said, breaking the silence. And it suddenly hit me: I was no
longer the youngest. Some other girl I didn’t know had replaced me” (Grande 41).
· Evidence/Support:
Transition from 2 to 3:
Topic sentence 3 (opposition’s claim): One might argue that….
· Concession:
· Refutation:
· Evidence/Support: “It wasn’t until he was in stage four of his cancer that he and Tía María Félix
were finally reunited. My aunt would visit him daily, and they would spend hours reminiscing about times
gone by and lamenting their broken relationships with their children. Immigration took a toll on us all”
(Grande 207).
Restated Thesis

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