Assignment.docx – Assignment:

Direct Marketing
Semester 1 2022-23

There are a variety of methods that marketers employ to reach their customers through direct marketing. By using direct marketing, marketers are believed to be able to obtain direct responses from customers focus on any recent direct marketing phenomena experienced by your respondents. , you are required to prepare a report highlighting the following aspect and make a presentation on this assignment.
The assignment concern about ikea oman

· Main Content: How does the company use direct marketing? Describe the effectiveness of the direct marketing forms from the consumer perspective. What are the issues consumers face due to various direct marketing forms? Recommendations to marketers based on consumers’ responses.
· Remarks: Describe what you learned from this assignment.

Assignment submission last date: 17-12-2022
Presentation date: 18-12-2022
Mode of submission: Turnitin link
Word limit: 1000-1500

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