4discussionquestions.docx – Assignment:

Discussion questions2
· For each discussion question, you need to answer the question with more than 250 words paragraph. Cite your sources to justify your claims.

For each question and each answer, use apa 7th format Cite 1-2 references. ( Prefer references from google scholar or other scholar resources.)

Question 1: When you think of the term, “Healthcare System,” what comes to your mind and why.
Question 2: Describe the general involvement of hospitals from “warehouses for the dying” to institutions dedicated to healing and welfare of people.
Question 3:  Share your understanding of “Medicare Managed Care.” 
Question 4: Many, if not all health services organizations, have organizational structures and portals of care. 
· What is your understanding of patient portals? 
· Briefly discuss the various organizational structures and share which one of these structures you would like to work in and why? 

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