·       The goal of this paper is to use research to answer a research question. Topic ·

Rht 101

Paper 4: Argumentative Research Paper


·       The goal of this paper is to use research to answer a research question.


·       Students will write on a topic of their choice and will craft their own research question and thesis statement.


·       Students must utilize at least three sources and prove that the sources are credible

·       Sources can come from the Library’s databases or the Internet. They do not have to be peer-reviewed but they do have to be credible.


·       Minimum of 1250 words.

·       Minimum of 3 sources. (more is okay)

·       The introduction should set up and state your research question.

·       The thesis statement must articulate your answer to the research question and provide a short list of your key points (mapping statement).

·       Each body paragraph should introduce a source, prove that it is a credible source, and explain how that source supports your thesis statement.

·       The paper must have at least five paragraphs with an introduction and conclusion.

·       The paper must be free or nearly free of grammatical errors and awkward sentences.

·       Photos and graphics are allowed but do not count toward the word count.

·       Formatting, citations, and work cited page must conform to MLA standards

·       Due: 8 May

Research question

·       Your research question should be a focused question that can be answered using research.

Thesis Statement

·       Your thesis statement should provide a general answer to the research question and also set up the organization of your paper by indicating the main points of your argument.

Some possible research questions

·       What, if anything, should we do about climate change?

·       Is there a correlation between screen time and depression in teenagers?

·       Do online courses result in better retention of material than traditional courses?

·       Which lifestyle factors have the greatest effect on the risk of heart disease?

·       Does the USA or Canada have a better healthcare system?

·       Who is the greatest quarterback of all time and why?

·       What effect has social media had on our society?

·       Is it better to attend a university for 4 years or go to community college for the first two years?

·       What age is best for introducing children to computers?

Social Sciences:

·       Psychology: How does social media usage influence the development of self-esteem in teenagers?

·       Sociology: To what extent do economic factors contribute to racial disparities in the criminal justice system?

·       Political Science: Does the rise of populism threaten democratic institutions?

·       Education: How effective are alternative education programs in reducing high school dropout rates?

Science & Technology:

·       Environmental Science: What are the potential environmental consequences of increased reliance on renewable energy sources?

·       Biology: Can personalized medicine based on genetic analysis become a standard healthcare practice?

·       Computer Science: How can artificial intelligence be ethically applied to automate decision-making processes?

·       Engineering: Can advancements in battery technology pave the way for widespread adoption of electric vehicles?


·       History: How did the Black Death influence social and political structures in medieval Europe?

·       Literature: In what ways does Shakespeare’s portrayal of female characters reflect the societal values of his time?

·       Philosophy: Does the existence of free will contradict the concept of determinism?

·       Art History: How did the Renaissance movement challenge the dominant artistic styles of the Middle Ages?